Changes in
the Whisky Quarterly

Dear Readers!

Time has come for changes in the Whisky Quarterly magazine. The entire world is becoming digital and print journalism - a thing of the past. Signals from our readers were quite clear - it is time for publications that will be fully adjusted to the devices that we use very day. The current situation on the printed press market, including the paralysis of printing houses and distribution networks, only strengthened our belief in the validity of this decision. The Whisky Quarterly magazine is going online.

These changes make it necessary to reorganize the system of work of our editorial staff. With the current pandemic, this task is even more difficult. Due to limited operational possibilities, we are suspending the publication of the magazine for the coming few months. This time will allow us to fully adjust the newly created online portal to the needs of our readers.

Subscribers - the subscription costs will be reimbursed to your bank accounts, our subsription team will take care of this operation. In separate and private emails, the details of this reimbursement will be advised. Contact our subscription team.

We wish to thank our readers for their interest and devotion. Most of you have been with us since the beginning. We believe that the online formula of the magazine will come back in a new and refreshed form, providing even better quality.

The Whisky Quarterly magazine is created by a group of specialists working on a daily basis in the alcohol industry. The publisher of the magazine is Stilnovisti, company dealing for the past 14 years with alternative market investments, and in particular - the Scotch whisky. At the time of this restructuring, please, visit Stilnovisti's expert section where the situation on the whisky markets is reviewed on an ongoing basis - visit website.

See you soon!
Whisky Quaterly Team